Friday, 21 October 2011

A moment to blog!

Hello! I am finally sat here at my laptop with a few minutes to blog! at last!! we have all been struck down by the most horrible of bugs these past two weeks yuk! To make matters worse we always seem to catch it individually so as one of us recovers the next one falls ill! I can honestly say I am thrilled to be sat here feeling completely recovered and more importantly so are the kiddies. I don't know about the rest of you lovely mums with kids at school, but I am feeling a little run down with the amount of homework and afterschool activities of late! I have a wonderful supportive husband, but, he works shifts and is rarely home at nights or weekends which has it's downsides regarding the kids. It also causes lots of stressful planning as we have one car, which is necessary as we live far away from schools, nursery, ballet, Music etc etc!! as a result I have to plan every little outing and activity down to the last  minute which is really stressful! Not to mention I am totally responsible for making sure eldest is at all her classes as she has two exams in ballet and music! I don't like to sound like a whinging old so and so but sometimes when you are ill it gets a little trying!! I spent the best part of the weekend helping my eldest to do her homework, she had to give a one minute talk on any astronaut or cosmonaut along with some pictures. I thought "Oh that's not too bad, should only take a couple of hours to research someone and print off some pictures" how wrong was I!! Eldest decided she wanted to talk about the first American woman in space "Sally Ride" great I said easier to say than a Russian name. "Yes but mummy I also want to make a model of the Space Shuttle she flew her missions on the "Challenger", maybe out of paper Mache? "Um, ok" I said, realising this was Sunday Morning and paper mache takes an age to dry and then has to be painted, I could see my Sunday disappearing before my eyes, and I still had to amuse little one too! Well as expected I was up till way past my bedtime, drying paper mache with a hairdryer, it was promptly painted on Monday by eldest thank goodness it was an Inset training day yippee!! and was all ready to take to school on Tuesday. Eldest came out of school in the afternoon beaming with an array of head teacher award stickers and proudly told me "Mummy, my homework is famous!! I have had to take it around the whole school to show everyone, can you believe that Mummy?" well my eyes welled up right there and then, I was so pleased for her, and I felt a little guilty for all my grumbling on the Sunday evening to myself, I would remember that all these days and nights when I feel like I am really fed up with all of this running about, doing spellings, watching pirouettes, and practicing brownie badges, that these are cherished moments when I can be a part of my wonderful daughters life!

Also over the weekend eldest had to perform ballet in our local church to raise money for the "Babe Childrens Hospice Appeal" I am afraid my photos are very dark.

I have been knitting away when I can for a xmas swap but cannot show any of them for obvious reasons, I did however knit a few Autumnal bits and bobs to put on my Mantle piece, I like to display seasonal things around the house. Just need to get some nice Autumn candles to display in holders!

I also made a little felt leaf garland to drape along the shelf. Well I must dash, I have been requested by my youngest to knit a pumpkin hat for her Baby Annabell doll!! yikes it never ends. Have a wonderful weekend. x

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  1. Fantastic space shuttle model, and I love your knitted autumn pumpkins, hedgehog and acorns.