Saturday, 16 May 2009

Am I ever going to get back on track!

Hello there to all you ladies, yes it's me the most unreliable blogger of recent weeks! Please accept my heartfelt apologies for being so absent and for not replying to all your lovely comments! I read them all and was touched to know that I had been missed! As some of you will know from my last rather depressing post things round here have been pretty miserable and to be honest did not improve after my last post. I decided to remove my last post as I found it so depressing! I really have not felt in the right place of late to write as so many negative things have been happening that it would have put anyone reading on a bit of a downer!

Anyway I am feeling like the worst is over now and whilst I know you ladies are a great source of comfort when one of us is down I really did not feel it would be fair to moan on about the last few months, after all we all have times when we feel like life is getting us down and we just deal with it don't we?

I have been cheered immensely by two rather lovely gifts that arrived for me via the "PIF" swap, one was from Emma over at this beautiful heart, with the most lovely details on it, it is hanging on my dresser and looks gorgeous! thank you so much Emma! hope you are feeling better soon as well.x

The other lovely gift I received was from my lovely friend at she took part in my "PIF" and sent me a gift to say thank you for letting her take part would you believe! It is a heart made with pretty mother of pearl buttons isn't it lovely! bless her she is so generous and sends me lovely things, so a really big thank you to you! you are a very special lady me thinks!x

Well I am now off to catch up with all your lovely blogs and leave some well over due comments, I am hoping to get back into my blogging gradually and have a few more projects to show you next week so ta ta for now, and heartfelt wishes to you all! Lisaxxx


  1. Hi Lisa!

    Its lovely to see you back, I am so sorry to hear things have been miserable for you. But you know we wouldnt of minded a miserable post if you had wanted to vent. Sometimes its nice to let off steam.(but obviously understand that some things are personal) but just so you know that there are always caring "ears" here! if that makes sense.

    Your PIF gifts are lovely. I have wanted to join in the fun of the swaps and things but i have to say there are couple of things that I worry about with them (not wanting to sound miserable) But they do look such a lot of fun.

    Good luck with the potty training! its a tricky thing I find. But I have to say I am just "going" with it this time round with Boo Bear. We are taking it easy and she seems to be doing OK with. With Lala my mum bless her stressed me out a bit with the old way of once you start you have to keep with it. I personally dont hold with that I think you and you little both get stressed. Best to put it on hold a few weeks/months until you are both ready to start i say!

    any way I have waffled on a lot! gosh a big post sorry for that.

    take care lovely to have you back.


  2. Hi! Lovely to see you back in blogworld! I'm pleased things are better now for you.
    So glad you liked your heart - it was just a little token!
    I love my brooch, has been well admired on my jacket!
    BH x

  3. Great to see you back again and I hope things get better for you from now on. Love the beautiful hearts you've received.
    Yvonne x

  4. Hi Lisa, I am so sorry to ask this, but are you the Lisa who wants to join the rose swap? You see a lovely lady called Lisa left a comment on my blog, asking to join the swap, but did not leave her blog name. I go on quite a few blogs ran by ladies called Lisa, so I am totally confused, I am trying to find her to tell her she can join the swap. So sorry if you are not her.
    Pleased to see you blogging again, love your blog. xxxxx

  5. Hi Lisa, if you could just email me then I can get you paired up. xxx

  6. WOW, hunni that would be great. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    Somehow i've managed to miss this post but I agree with MBB. We're all here if you ever need to sound off after all, life isn't perfect is it. We all have crap times and sometimes it can be easier to talk to your bloggy friends than your real life ones (if that makes sense lol).
    Lovely hearts you've received!
    Big ((hugs))
    Beki xxx