Tuesday, 26 May 2009

An eventful Bank Holiday!

Hello to all, hope you all had a lovely sunny Bank Holiday! We had a few glorious days of sunshine that made one feel that spring was finally here! Saturday was my sister's 40th birthday and she was having a barbecue to celebrate. We all had a wonderful time, until Little one fell off the steps of a rather large slide! She had a really big bump on the front of her head! Now I don't know if any of you remember me mentioning before, but for those who don't, My little one has absolutely no fear! she has been really agile and physically able since she was 9months old! To say that I am run ragged with her is an understatement. No matter how vigilant I am in watching her and trying to keep her safe , she is always one step from serious injury. I was absolutely terrified when I saw the bump on her head which was quite large and blue! she was not even crying which I could not believe, anyway I rushed her off to the A&E department, feeling like a total inadequate mother once again for allowing her to come to harm, because you do blame yourself don't you? I was amazed to find the casualty waiting room full of children of varying ages with different injury's including another two little ones like mine with bumps to the head! Anyway she was seen really quickly and doctors were happy that it was just a bump and no serious damage had been done, which was a relief! I think it was obvious to all that she is an active toddler, because she managed to escape the doctors clutches and make a run for the opening doors where the ambulance bay is! I think the doctor could see she is very quick and has absolutely no sense what so ever, he was looking at me half laughing and half pitying! this look I am well used too I have to say, I have been receiving this look of disbelief for a long time now, usually from Mums at our toddler group who have lovely quite babies that sit on Mummy's lap and are happy to be there! My little one is just not that way inclined, she wants to explore at all costs and to be honest even though it's hard work keeping up with her, I glad she is like that because that's her character isn't it and I can't expect her to be anything other than what she is now can I. I have to say as I am writing this post I am laughing and worried at the same time, I think that will always be the way with my little explorer, she brings me great joy but also great worry, but I love her to bits! Hope you all had a lovely weekend! Lisaxxx


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  2. I do not know who the above person is! and when I try and click on their name I am told that the page does not exist! Can one of my regular blog friends please advise me if they have had this comment, or, know what I should do? This person has published my post on another site without my permission is this ok or not? Many thanks. Lisa

  3. Hi Lisa!

    Yeah young children can be a handful. I have found this with Boo Bear. She is definately more devil may care in her approach. Yesterday me and DH was having a big clear out. We took our stair gate off as we were carrying big items up the stairs. We were both busy and took our eyes off boo for a minute and she had climed up the stairs and promptly fell down some again! she had bruises and a burn on her shoulder! DH has done a few H&S courses so he checked her over and she seemed ok. But honestly! they definately have you on a knife edge sometimes.

    Not sure what your comment up above is about. I followed the link for you and its appears on there with a small picture of your website. I think maybe if you contact blogger they should be able to help you. I am not sure with something like this its a bit odd and very naughty too.

    take care.


  4. Hi there, hope the bump on the head is getting better. Sounds as though you really have to be on your toes! Hope you had a good bank hollie weekend though!
    BH x

  5. You do need eyes in the back of your head sometimes with the little rascals don't you! I hope the bump's gone down now.
    I should imagine your first comment is some kind of cookie where they are trying to get lots of hits to their site, perhaps you should inform blogger.
    Yvonne x