Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Weekend full of fun and rain!

Well I don't know what the weather was like where you are but here in the West Country it was terrible! we had rain all day, apart from a small window in the morning when fortunately for us we managed to escape to the local park for an hour! The girls love this particular park as it has one of these Ariel swings (i think that's what its called) which they absolutely love! Daddy comes in handy as he has to run along and push them as hard as possible, which as you can see resulted in Liliana coming off and falling flat on her face into the sandy landing!
Luckily she was unhurt and saw the funny side of it, which is unusual for her as normally she throws a strop if she thinks anyone would dare to laugh at her misfortune!! As much as I love each year of my children's life's and the way they are changing I have to admit that Girls around the age of 6,7,8 can be a bit too sensitive! everything that is not right or does not go her way results in a hissy fit which has taken me by surprise as I thought she was so over that stage! I'm told it's another stage of her development but to be honest it's exhausting! I found myself telling her to "get a life"! which I am ashamed to say is not very adult like is it! Oh well, none of us are perfect are we? and Mummy can have a strop now and again too!

I thought I'd show you some crochet I have been doing lately, the idea for these little brooches came from the amazing Attic 24 Blog! I have found them so addictive to make, they take less than 1 hour to make, and the colour combinations you can do are endless! I have given some away as gifts and my Mum has ordered some for her friends. They seem to appeal to lots of different people , so based on this and with my Mum's advice too, I have listed some on Ebay, I don't know how they will go so it's a bit of an experiment to be honest but it's worth a go to see what kind of interest I receive. Well I hope you all had a lovely weekend, and look forward to speaking to all soon! Bye for now. Lisaxxx


  1. Hi Lisa!

    Oh no! you mean Lala is just going to get worse! bless her love her to bits but can be a right diva at times and she is only 5! And you cant joke with her yet at all if you try to have a laugh she gets all silly. I usually tell her to get a sense of humour! so no prizes for best ever mummy there! lol!

    Yeah the weather was rubbish here too, yesterday being the worst!

    Your broaches are so pretty, I can see why they are so addictive. Hope they sell well.

    I better go, have been skiving off supposed to be making beds! he he he.

    take care


  2. Just received your parcel, thank you very very much.
    I love my brooch, it's gorgeous!
    Good luck with ebay but what about a blog shop? I would definately pay for them, for myself and for gifts.
    Big ((hugs))
    Beki xxx

  3. Those are absolutely gorgeous! I've made a couple recently that are fabric but I'd LOVE to know how to make the crocheted ones too. Glad to have you back. I hope things continue to look up :)

  4. oh i love the brooches - those flowers are the only things i can do with crochet so have done quite a few now but run out of things to use them for !
    i am releived that someone else has sensitive girls! my 7 year old would cry for an hour if she fell over and anyone laughed its such a shame yet i cant help giggling at her sometimes and it winds her up! help me when she is a teenager!
    lesley x