Wednesday, 20 May 2009

A bargain on ebay and a makeover is needed!

Hi there ladies, hope you are all having a lovely week! I have to say I am a little disheartened today after having a rather disappointing result on ebay with my brooches I showed you yesterday. I managed to sell one, and was offered ridiculous money by one buyer to buy all five without additional postage. To be honest I don't rate my projects that highly and would give them away to people free gladly, but I don't like being had over! and a small minority of people on ebay take the ****! Please excuse my french but it really amazes me how cheeky some people can be, I mean I like us all love a bargain and do my best to watch the pennies but there is a limit to what I would offer someone especially when they have taken the time to make something!

Anyway that's my rant for the day over! My eldest has been on at me and dad for some time now for a desk for her bedroom, this is a great idea as she is always taking over the dining table and little one tries to climb up on the table to join in uninvited! So I have been searching for a suitable desk/dresssing table to paint etc.

I finally found this dressing table which I won on ebay and was in the same town as us so no postage hurray!

I have already got some pretty accessories to put on it , and when it is all painted white I think it will look lovely. I shall show you an after photo when I've finished it. Speak very soon! Lisax


  1. Hi Lisa

    So sorry about the broaches. I dont know much about ebay and the other sites like etsy but I suspect some people who go on ebay think everything is up for bartering maybe. I may be wrong as I dont really know how it all works. But maybe opening your own blog shop might be better. its more like a "shop" as such so anyone wishing to buy one of your items knows that is the price. No haggling. Like I said I might be way off beam.

    I know what you mean when you say about your craft efforts. i am always amazed when friends and family have asked me to make something for them and paid! I almost feel guilty. Much be something to do with creative personalities. We are all perfectionists at heart. For ourselves anyway.

    Love the desk. It will look lovely when you have painted it up. look forward to seeing the results.


  2. I think Ebay has gone down hill a lot recently. I can't be bothered selling on it anymore. Do you have Etsy or Folksy? I'd certainly recommend both of them.

    Your ebay win however is lovely and I am looking forward to seeing it madeover and in your home.

  3. Lovely dressing table to make over, looking forward to see it when it's transformed!
    I used to sell a few crafts on Ebay, but after paying Ebay, and Paypal, gave it up as a a bad idea. May open a blogshop one day, and maybe that's the way you could gO.
    Have a good weekend : )

    Sharon xx

  4. Too bad. They were so pretty. Have you considered Etsy? You set your price there. Great desk too.

  5. Hi, I think the brooches are lovely, so don't be disheartened. I'd try Folksy or Etsy too, but maybe have another go with ebay. It can take time to get noticed, especially as so many crochet brooches are listed. And I'd add a badge-link to wherever you are selling on your blog too. Good luck with it. xx

  6. I completely agree with you. I think ebay is terrible for hand made things. It's like selling things at car boot sales. The people that appreciate and value lovely hand made things just aren't on ebay! I sold one of my hand made tea cosies (made using CK fabrics too!) for 99p! Have you got a blog shop? Etsy seems to be pretty rubbish, I haven't sold a thing on there!