Saturday, 17 September 2011

A cosy weekend of knitting and snuffles!

Good Morning to you all! as my title states this weekend I am relegated to the sofa with my lemsip boo hoo! and the lovely company of my two girls for a wool fest! Yippee!!  I have been feeling rotten these last two days, whenever school term starts I seem to fall victim to any bug there is, fortunately the girls are unaffected so far so I am happy to feel rotten on my own.

Hubby is working all weekend and the weather forecast is pretty dire so we have decided to have a crafty day! My eldest received a very lovely knitting kit for Christmas and has mastered the art of knitting at last! it was hard work but she is now at the stage where I only need to help if she drops a stitch or makes a few too many! She has been watching me knit since she was old enough to notice and has always loved creating so I am more than happy to encourage and help her. I always wished I could knit and crochet when I was a child but my Mum was working full-time and she had 5 girls so in fairness I think it would of been a bit stressful! 
 Whilst reading all the lovely blogs out there I heard about a book by Jane Bull called "Made by Me". Its a fantastic book for girls who love creating and covers everything from knitting, sewing, embroidery etc. There are some fantastic projects in the book which would make lovely gifts for teachers etc. Here is a photo of the knitted owl eldest is working on.

On to my knitting and I have finally finished knitting all 25 of the little Christmas tree decorations I posted about earlier in the week.

 there is a Polar Bear, Pear, Tangerine, Snowman, Angel, Bobble Hat, Marzipan Pig, Apple, Toadstools & Drum.
Also a Woven Heart, Penguin, Straw Reindeer, Bugle, Pair of Mittens, Gingerbread Snowflake, Holly Bauble, & Candy Cane Heart.

And finally an Elf, Gingerbread Heart, Father Christmas,Sugared Plum, Mistletoe Bauble, Pair of Bells and a cute little Sugar Mouse.

My favourite would have to be the polar bear he actually looks like a polar bear!
 Apologies for the terrible quality of photos I am still figuring out how to use properly!

This was a highly enjoyable project although did take too long but that was down to me! Hope you enjoyed seeing it!
Wishing you all a lovely weekend.
Lisa xx

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