Tuesday, 20 September 2011

New Dolly Wardrobe

My youngest is absolutely mad about Baby Annabell dolls and for her birthday we decided to buy her a wardrobe for her baby doll! We had a lots of dolls clothes from when my eldest was into dolls so we have been lucky with the expense side of things. I have purchased Baby Annabell outfits and they are soooo expensive and the majority of the clothes are pink so it seems like you have a lot of the same outfits really.

I have so much acrylic wool hanging about my house which I needed to use up so I decided to knit some outfits to go with the wardrobe, it also gave me a chance to make some clothes in different colours!

Little one was thrilled with her gift and now finds it much easier to find clothes for her baby! she takes great care deciding what to dress her in and now everything is finally in one place which makes tidying up much easier yippee!The added bonus is the cost probably about £7.00 to buy the wool, which is a fraction of the price of one outfit in the  toy shop. I would love to hear what you think of them?  Have a wonderful Monday! xx


  1. Awww how lovely! What fab memories you are making for your daughter :) I remember with a lot of love the dolls clothes my Mum used to knit for me. Aside from being cheaper than buying them and more importantly I feel, they mean more!!! Love 'em!!!!

    Jo x

  2. I think they are fantastic! What lovely colours and patterns you have used. I bet they are much nicer than the shop brought ones any day of the week.

    The little wardrobe is cute too.

    MBB x

  3. Hi Lisa, so glad to have a new reader and commenter on board. I love your pumpkin backdrop and your knitting is really fantastic. Well done, unique pieces for the girls to enjoy. My two girls are women now and I am also a grandma. I will add you to my favourites so I can keep up to date with your posts. Happy blogging and do drop by again. Hugs, Margie.

  4. How gorgeous. My daughter has Baby Annabel too and is obsessed with her. These clothes are far superior to what the doll comes with. They are amazingly detailed and stunning. What a lucky little girl. x

  5. Hi Lisa! Its Sam here from Knitting Adventures! I'm so pleased you are my swap partner! Do you want to swap email addresses, so we can chat about how we are going to do the advent swap? I'm very excited!