Monday, 12 September 2011

A Finished Project at last!

Well I can hardly believe it! I have finally finished this little Amigurumi crochet Nativity. I started this project last Autumn thinking it would be a quick little project but as usual I got rather distracted with other things to do and make! so it sat looking rather neglected in the bottom of my knitting bag until I finally decided I could leave it no longer. I bought the pattern from ebay but I know you can purchase from they do lovely little designs and they are really quite easy to do if you can do a single crochet etc. I have had a job keeping out of my little ones hands as she wants to play with it now but I have convinced her that it is for Christmas and she seems content to wait, especially as she asked whether Santa would be watching! bless her!

We spent a wonderful afternoon on Sunday celebrating little ones Birthday at Build a Bear, we had arranged a party as my eldest had one in July and it was a great success! Mia had the best time ever and told me she wants to celebrate every birthday there from now on! yikes! not sure about that. I cannot recommend them highly enough the staff are brilliant with the children and really make the Birthday Girl/Boy feel special, they put Mia up on the counter and invited the entire shop of customers to sing happy birthday to her! she was so delighted and so was I.  xxx


  1. How lovely for your daughter, bet she was thrilled! Love the nativity set, it's fab. That will be a lovely thing to hand down to your daughter when she grows up too. Clever you!

    Nicki x

  2. It looks like you had a wonderful time. Your nativity is so cute!

  3. Hi Welcome back to blogland! Nice to see you blogging again.

    Just love your crocheted navity scene! How much work was that! Wow! They look fantastic.

    It looks like you little girl had a great time at her birthday bash. Such lovely memories.

    Thank you for your comment on my blog. Its funny as we re-homed the bunnies they already had names which are lovely. But the one called Fawn for some reason always reminds me of Peter Rabbit! They are lovely and the girls love them to bits.

    MBB x