Friday, 9 September 2011

a sheepish return to blogging!

As my title states I am attempting to return to this very little blog of mine which brought me many hours of pleasure and at times feelings of guilt! I have for a long time now continued to drop in and out of blog world and wished that I could muster up the creativity to write a few lines but for so many reasons I felt I could not. I really do not wish to dwell on the whys and if's of my muddled head suffice to say that I am back! and rearing to go.

I love love love this time of year! Autumn for me reminds me of all the festivities I loved as a child and still do, returning to a new year at school, the beautiful changes in the climate well beautiful to me anyhow, conkers, glorious coloured leaves, bonfire smoke in the air! My two girls have definitely inherited my love of all things Autumnal and especially love Halloween!. I love to decorate my house for Halloween and have had many a goulish party in honour of the Day! This year I have started to make a few things for my Halloween/Autumn mantelpiece and have just finished a couple of Primitive style rag dolls. One is a rather lovely Witch named Betty! of all names and the other is "Cooper" the scarecrow.

I thoroughly enjoyed making these two little dolls, it was rather nice to work with fabric and lovely smelling spices for a change as I usually knit or crochet. As usual my head is full to bursting with ideas and I suspect I will be frantically finished things the night before Halloween as I always commit to too many makes! But that is the way my muddled mind works lol! My two girls are now back at school and the youngest has just started Nursery and celebrated her 4th Birthday on the same day! she is the oldest in her Nursery but also the smallest which is quite funny.

I have arranged a Build a Bear Party for her this weekend! another bear for each of the girls and no room on their beds to fit them all!!! well I shall sign off for now as I am sure to ramble on and on. xx


  1. Hi love the dolls! Belated birthday wishes to your daughter!

  2. Autumn is wonderful isn't it?

    Happy birthday to your sweet girl x

  3. I love the witch doll. She is superb. You make some lovely things.x