Monday, 26 September 2011

Decluttering week!

Hello all! I've been a bit quiet on the blogging front this last week, as I have signed up to the flylady cleaning site, and my duster and de-cluttering have been working in overtime! I'm sure like many Mums out there I struggle to keep on top of everything to do with the house and partake far too frequently in my little crafting bug!
I have cleaned like a demon and have got rid of so much clutter that I am now in a position to see what really needs to be done etc. The girls share a bedroom and they have sooooo much stuff that despite my best efforts their room is always going to look cluttered but to be honest I like them having their things out and it is especially important that the little one is able to access her million toys!
My eldest loves reading which is fab, but she reads so quickly that we struggle to keep her in books, my lovely Mum always picks up old Enid Blyton books from the Car boot sales which is a massive help, but as a result her book shelves are full to the brim! I thought about giving some away but because little one will be starting school next year it seems a shame not to keep them for her.

I decided to venture down to Ikea to look for some storage soulutions for this problem and having seen this brill idea on Pintrest I was dying to give it a go!

Basically its a spice rack for a couple of quid that is perfect for putting my eldest current books in to read, the girls have bunk beds so there really is no where for eldest to keep her book when she wants to go to sleep, I often find them under the quilt! I think this is a fab idea, it holds several books and is great for younger ones who rely on seeing the pictures on the front of the book to choose.

Eldest is thrilled as now she can read with her heart light on and not disturb the little one below! Well time to fly! I have much more decluttering to do in my flyzone LOL! I did however sneakily find time to make some yummy cupcakes though! Have a lovely Monday xx


  1. loving your little girls bedroom- so sweet- great storage ideas for the books, wish i lived near an ikea ;0)x

  2. What a brilliant idea! My eldest daughter could soooo do with one of those too...inspired! Would love to sneak a cupcake :) they look delicious!

    Jo x

  3. well done you. I have had a little look on the flylady site after seeing it on another blog - looks good x

  4. I am quite envious, we have so much decluttering to do here and since we had new windows fitted last week, things are even more upside down at the minute. The little rack for the books is a great idea, and it looks quite stylish too!

  5. Goodness you pack a lot in to your life, all that work and time to bake those yummy looking cakes. The book rack is perfect and the heart light so sweet. I love the little peek of the Dolls house too. Well done you, I am so inspired by women and how well we can multitask and are so driven and committed. Big hugs, Margie.

  6. What a great idea! I could do with that for my eldest as she is an avid reader too!

    My girls do have their own rooms but mess and clutter still seem to rule! How do they aquire so much?

    Love those cupcakes too cute.

    MBB x

  7. I really need to sign up and whip this house into shape!

    I just emailed you back replying to your comment over at mine but it went out into the ether as you are a No Reply Blogger. This is what my email said:

    What a shame. What a real shame. Never mind, I think you'd have enjoyed it. The average age was about 33 and the glamour, well, it surprised me. Lots of sequins and red lips. Brilliant!