Sunday, 4 April 2010

Happy Easter to All!

Well Easter is here and I can honestly say I was not ready for it this year! As usual all my plans for a well planned and organised time have gone astray and I find myself wishing I had sorted things out sooner! Despite my worries the girls seem very happy with things so maybe I need to follow their lead and be happy with chaos! I always have an Easter tree and have visions of a beautifully decorated tree full of pretty eggs etc but, as all you Mums know with small children or big come to that decorating pretty things cannot be done without their input! So I gave in ( which is hard for me as I like everything to be just so) and let the little one decorate the tree.
You will notice how all the eggs are very creatively loaded on one branch! he he!! I gave lots of encouragement and she loved doing it!

As soon as the girls were in bed I managed to tidy it up a bit, and they did not notice this morning so all is good.
They have like most children had lots and lots of chocolate eggs, me and hubby had decided that a small egg from us and a little handmade gift would be enough from us as they get so much chocolate that I don't think they really appreciate it.

I decided to make a little crochet bag with a rabbit on the front for little Mia, it was really quick to make and used up some wool that would of just sat in the wool pile for an eternity! I also made a knitted egg with a chick inside it for Liliana which she is over the moon with! again made with wool that I had no use for.

All in all I am quite pleased with these little makes as they seem to have brought more joy to the girls than the huge amounts of chocolate! well that's all for now, hope you are all having a wonderful Easter weekend whatever you do! Lisa xxx


  1. Wow they are lovely. No wonder your girls were so delighted.

  2. Hi there! LOVE your little makes - sooo pretty - no wonder the girls loved them!
    Happy Easter Monday to you all

    BH x

  3. My boys certainly don't appreciate the amount of choc they get...we have alot this year as i had done a Good Friday party. Please lord give me the strength not to eat it all!! lol.
    I like to get other gifts a book or something. x

  4. Lisa, your little crocheted goodies are so cute! You are so talented. I bet the girls loved them!