Friday, 2 April 2010

The Tilda Swap

Well after far to long away from this very unloved blog of mine I return to show you all a wonderful parcel of beautiful goodies I have received from the talented Winnibriggs. This Tilda Swap was organised by another very talented lady over at Fairenuff.
A huge box was delivered by the Postie and I when I saw it I gasped "It's Huge!" I sat myself at the dining table the only place to put such a big box and when I opened it this is the visual treat that met my eyes!

Everything has been wrapped beautifully, and even the tags and stationary have the Tilda Angel on them! So Pretty!! Inside this lovely wrapping come surprise after surprise.

A covered notebook with an embroidered rose on the front. This has been hidden away from my eldest daughter as she swooned when she saw it!

A really useful eye mask, with the lovely embroidered rose on it.

How lovely are these? Bookmarks for a family of avid Bookworms like us. These will be used by all! Look and see how Jenny has even made these with the Tilda Angel on them, she really is so talented!

A lovely Mug which is so pretty! kindly filled with little chocolate eggs, which have been duly consumed by the little people of the house!

The most stunning angel! she is so well made and puts my sewing skills to shame! I love her so much and can't stop grinning when I look at her. The little people are deciding what to call her at the moment, Little Mia has decided the rather obvious "Dolly" as to her she is a dolly bless her! and Liliana has so many names she can't decide which sums her up really! lol.

some really cute cake cases, always need these especially with Easter chocolate nests to be made.

Well folks I hoped you enjoyed seeing all the wonderful goodies I received! I must say a huge thank you to Jenny she has been so generous and the time and effort she put into these lovely gifts must have been enormous! xxx


  1. Thank you kind lady, and your sewing is brilliant!!
    happy Easter to you all
    Jenny xx

  2. wow, that angel is beautiful!
    Lovely swap!x

  3. WOW WOW and wow again. That truly is an amazing swap parcel what wonderful goodies, well done Jenny. xxx Pixie xxx

  4. Gorgeous swap goodies!
    Lucky you!
    have a lovely Easter xx

  5. what fantastic gifts...lucky you xxx