Monday, 16 March 2009

Glorious Sunshine!

Flowers from Hubbyxxx

What a lovely weekend it was for us here in the West Country, glorious sunshine, cloudless blue skies all day Sunday. It was the kind of day we all get early on in the year after cold weather when you just feel you have to get outside be it the garden or any outdoor space and experience that 1st flush of Spring. I had so many things I wanted to do in the garden that my Husband's eyes glazed over like they do when I get a bee in my bonnet. Of course little children needed to get out too and don't do gardening, at least not to my standards anyway! So a trip to a lovely park was 1st on the agenda of to do's. After lots of sand playing and ice-cream's we headed home via a little garden centre, primroses in hand and attacked my overgrown garden. I am not a natural gardener but I do love being in it and trying to make it pretty, my husband and I have planted every single plant in our garden as when we moved into the house it was just a long narrow strip of mud and sparse grass.

I have lots of ideas for the garden this year , a new patio to start as the existing one is very unlevel and cracked in places, and I would really like a summerhouse to put a the bottom of the garden but that probably will not happen this year as finances are tight! Anyway I hope you all had a lovely weekend whatever you did! xxx


  1. Hiya

    Its great isnt it this warm spring weather. It lovely and sunny again today. Just been to the park and shopping with Boo Bear feel quite invigorated now!

    your garden looks lovely! ours is in a state. We tend to go mad around about now then it wanes by about end of July - August. depends how often we are using the garden due to weather! I am not much of gardener but get a craze onit for a while every year. Then get moaned at by hubby for forgetting to water plants etc!!!! I am really bad for that!!! lol

    Hope you are enjoying the sun again today.

    MBB x

  2. Me again! I forgot to say I love your new look blog!

  3. When the sun shines it just makes you feel a bit better about life doesn't it? yes, we too are getting all enthusiastic about the garden again ~ would love a summerhouse too, but they are so expensive (well the one I dream about anyhow!)

  4. Your garden looks lovely, mine's very small i do manage to cram alot into it though!
    Blogs looking great.
    Yvonne x

  5. The garden looks lovely, we've been planting primroses too. Lovely instant colour. And like your new look blog, so you like polka dots...!

  6. Your garden is very pretty. We only have a wee yard, but we have been making the most of it enjoying the sun with porridge outside for breakfast.

  7. Congratulations Lisa, you have won the Giveaway!

    Please email me at, giving your details and I will get the cushion in the post next Wednesday (sorry it can't be earlier) Yey!

    Sadie, of Cotton Rose