Friday, 20 March 2009

My 1st Swap HEARTS

Hello there! recently I signed up for my 1st swap organised by mollycupcakes, I'm sure many of you have also signed up too. Well I have been really looking forward to this one as it's my first but also suffering from a bit of anxiety as I was worried about what to make and send! I was paired up with the wonderfully talented lady Gillian at Fabric Nation, and this morning this lovely parcel arrived on my doorstep from the lady herself! Want to see what beautiful things she has sent me?

A beautiful handmade bag with a fabric heart on the front with the cutest little cats on it, and lined with red polka dot fabric, you are so clever Gillian, now I get the question regarding polka dots!I must hide this from my eldest daughter she will love it! and she is not having it!!

Inside this bag of gorgeousness, I found many many treasures all combined with sparking heart confetti and beautiful vintage images, so lovely and beautiful I was overwhelmed!

Here is what came all wrapped in heart tissue paper.

A lovely "Home is where the Heart is" Postcard, a badge with Morph on the front, I loved watching Morph on Take Heart when I was a child! A little heart embroidered with the message "More than yesterday,Less than tomorrow. A Love Lottery Reveal me card, I've never seen one of these before but it looks like fun so I'll wait to reveal the hearts with Hubby.

A little wooden heart frame, some lovely heart cupcake cases, a beautiful glass paperweight, some tissues, a tiny metal heart, I think a heart bindi please forgive me Gillian if I have got that wrong! and a beautiful hanging heart which Gillian tells me was a New years Gift exchanged during the festivities on the Chinese-Tibet border! I am so overwhelmed, and I will cherish it Gillian! Thank you so much!xxxx


  1. So glad you like them! Yes, it is a bindi! I've just opened mine and love them all, so lovely, thank you! gxx

  2. Lovely parcel of goodies the bag looks so sweet. love the jug on your last post too.
    Yvonne x

  3. A swap sounds like fun. I've never done one. Very pretty things :)