Thursday, 26 March 2009

Lovely Suprise!

Hello all, I have a lovely suprise to share with you all, as many of you will know the very talented Sadie over at cotton rose gave a beautiful cushion as a giveaway, and I won! The 1st thing I have ever won, and Oh it was so worth waiting for! On Tuesday morning a parcel arrived and I had quite forgot that the cushion was coming!

Isn't it LOVELY! thank you once again Sadie, you are a very talented and generous lady!

I haven't had much going on in the past few days apart from a little retail therapy so I will share some of that with you!

An Emma Bridgewater Biscuit Tin, I have been after one of these for ages, although there will never be any biscuits inside, because biscuits get devoured straight from the packet in my house! hehe!

New Shoes for the Little Lady, already scuffed!

And a book that I have seen on a few other blogs, it's a lovely book the photos are beautiful, but I have found it rather challenging to follow the instructions! I considered myself to be quite competent in crochet, but I have been proved wrong! I don't follow charts so I have lots to learn, but I will not be beat!! Oh dear a bit of my OBSTINATE character is coming out!

Hope you are all enjoying your week ! Speak to you all very soon! xxxx


  1. Beautiful cushion there! it must of been a lovely surprise to received that in the post!

    Loving the EB biscuit barrel very pretty.

    And as for patterns I find it really hard to follow sewing patterns they never make any sense to me! so good on you not to be beaten by your crocheting ones. Look forward to seeing some of your makes from it!

  2. I know what you mean about the biscuit tin, I have the EB black toast one and it never has biccies in. They're never around long enough to go in there 'hehe'.
    Would be a great place to hide them though as noone ever looks in there lol!
    Beki xxx

  3. Lucky You! Congratulations.

    Stop by my blog for a couple of awards if you like :)

  4. glad it got to you ok. My mother's Day card eventually made here, on Thursday!!!

    no point in biccie tins here either! ;o)

    have a lovely weekend.


  5. Beautiful cushion and cute shoes.
    Perservere with the book I think it's just a case of getting your head around the way she writes the patterns iykwim.
    Yvonne x