Monday, 23 March 2009

Hello to you all, I hope you all had a lovely weekend! I spent a lovely Mothers Day with my family in glorious sunshine yet again! we really have been blessed with this weather this past week. I received some lovely cards one which my six year old made at Rainbows for me along with a lovely little butterfly suncatcher! so sweet I love receiving handmade things especially from children they experience such joy and excitement in creating and giving their little gifts to us. Also received a beautiful bunch of Hyacinths and a "Mummy"mug for my never ending cups of tea! All in all a lovely day spent with the ones I love most.

Over the weekend I managed to finish the crochet ripple cushion cover, I decided to use a red fleece Ikea throw that I don't use for the back, and I'm really pleased with the way it turned out.

I,m still working on the Easter/Spring themed swap at the moment, and will post photos once the recipient has received them, I am really enjoying these swaps although I must admit I am struggling to find the time to do them as the little one is very high maintenance! Bless her! hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Lisaxxx


  1. Love the ripple cushion, very colourful did you make the hexagon blanket too? I have one on the go got about 20 ish hexagons to do and a nearly finished ripple one. I really should finish one project before I start another, too impatient:)
    Yvonne x

  2. Yes I did make the hexagon blanket, but I know what you mean about being impatient, I am forever starting new projects before completing others! Nice to know I'm not alone hehe! Lisaxx

  3. Love your mummy day pressies the mug is gorgeous! And the cards are adorable. it is so special when your little ones present you with their little makes!
    (I wonder if my mum says that about me still he he he)

    Love your throw and cushions you are so clever! wouldnt know where to begin with anything crochet or knitted! (I did do some knitting when younger but that was such a long time ago now! sigh.

  4. Glad that you had a lovely mother's day ~ your goodies look great!

    The ripple cushion is gorgeous! I think it is amazing that we mum's with toddlers actually finish anything at all!! Well it!

  5. Hi! Looks like you had a great Mothers day! Love the mug!
    I'm slowly but surely getting there with my swap parcel too - I know what you mean about finding time - not enough hours in the day are there!
    LOVE the crochet by the way - wish I could do it but my mum has tried to teach me loads of times and I just cant quite grasp it!ah well, maybe some day!
    BH x

  6. The cushion looks great!! Did you make the throw behind it too? Very pretty.

  7. Lisa. I am keeping fingers and toes crossed that you will get a parcel today. I mananged to get to the post office on Saturday (yey!) so the cushion went off then. My only concern is good old Royal Mail. My husband put my Mother's Day card from the cat (!) in the post on Friday and it STILL hasn't turned up! Why he posted it is beyond me, but he thought it would be a nice surprise. Hmm, would have been if it had turned up.

    Anyway. Fingers crossed that the cushion makes it to you soon, let me know when it does? Thanks!

    have a lovely Tuesday x

  8. The cushion looks lovely, and lots of work! I had my fairy lights on last night around the mantlepiece, they look really cosy!