Wednesday, 4 March 2009

My Never Ending List of Unfinished Projects!! And my two girls.

Well as promised here is some of my projects I am determined to get finished in the future! . If I can just keep my mind on track I should be ok! I have quite a few ideas floating around my head regarding the spring/easter swap by Fairie Nuff at the moment but I am trying very hard to concentrate on the projects listed 1st.

So here goes this is going to be a quilt for my oldest daughters bed, I'm halfway there with the construction just need to get more fabric.

I plan to get my youngest daughter a little wooden cooker for her birthday and thought it would be nice to crochet a variety of cakes and food to go with it. I have managed to make two so far so still need a few more!

These are courtesy of the lovely blog Attic 24 where there is a tutorial for making tiny flowers, just need to sew in ends and assemble into lovely floral brooches.

This little bunny came from the Crafting Springtime Gifts Book, which I love. She just needs a face! Nose to be embroidered and little eyes please!

My youngest daughter who is now 18 months old is keeping on my toes at the moment! We have just moved a tall ikea shelf unit into the living room to keep the books in as the other one was to low and she was taking every single book off and throwing them at any moving object usually me! Anyway it is rather difficult at times to get anything done as she is so agile and loves climbing. We decided to leave the bottom shelf of the unit empty so she had no objects to grab, but she has taken to climbing into the space and curling up to rest!! I am terrified that the unit will topple over, but hubby has fixed it to the wall, still I can't get the thought out of my head so I have resorted to barricading the space up which she just giggles about and promtly bulldozes through the said make do saftey defence! I know this stage of toddlerhood does not last for long and I am trying to enjoy it but at times I feel that I spend my entire day trying to keep her from serious injury, I remember my eldest being exactly the same and everyone kept telling me not to worry all children are different and my next baby would be really placid. WRONG I have produced two distincly similar stunt women in the making and as much as I run around like a headless chicken trying to keep them alive I would not change a single thing about them.

Little one climbing in or out of new hiding place the bottom shelf!


  1. Just found your blog and thought i'd say hi!
    I've just had a little chuckle to myself seeing your crotchet flowers because that's what i'm working on at the moment and i'm hoping to be able to do a union jack cushion on the weekend. Your's looks great.
    I see you're from Bristol, can I ask where? I'm originally from Bristol but now live just down the road in sunny ol' Clevedon.
    Right, back to reading your blog.
    Take care
    Beki xxx

  2. Hi there,

    Just found your lovely blog and thought I would say hello.

    Like yourself I am still new to this blog lark and finding my way around.(and driving my husband mad by asking too many questions no doubt!lol)

    I love your cushion by the way it looks beautiful, and also the patchwork quilt for your daughter i have had a go at that but is still very much a WIP! Although it is draped over my futon in my sewing room at the mo!

    Look forward to seeing your future posts.

  3. Hi, just found your blog, I made one of the crochet brooches at the weekend and am in the middle of making an hare from crafting springtime!
    You certainly need eyes in the back of your head with toddlers around don't you? My 2 year old jammed herself into a wooden dolls highchair this morning, I had to unscrew it to get her out!
    Yvonne x